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Computer Doctor will make your business work better and smarter. Delivering highly efficient and streamlined processes by providing customised smart IT solutions for your business.

You tell us what your objectives are and we will bring to the table the best information technology solutions available to achieve them.

IT Solutions

Smart IT Solutions & IT Support For Your Business

Computer Doctor will ensure information technology works for you. We can adapt, integrate, streamline and reconfigure your existing IT equipment or introduce new devices and processes into your IT system so that your computers are fit to fulfil their intended business goals. We provide IT solutions and support your IT when things do not work the way they should. IT solutions and IT support is our business. More about IT Solutions..

Mac, Windows and Android Gadgets Configuration, Troubleshooting, Integration and Set-up: Helping You With Your Digital Home:

Setup Smart Appliances

We can configure, integrate, set up, synchronise, maintain and support your Smart TV, Apple Mac devices such as iPads, iPhones, iPods, Apple TV and Windows or Android devices such as Microsoft Surface Pro, Home Server, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, Blackberry devices, Xbox, Sony Play Station, Tivo, NAS drive, Google Pixel in your digital home or office. Just ask and a bright, friendly, proficient and highly qualified gadget wizard from Computer Doctor will come to your assistance and rid you of all your modern day gadget troubles and solve all the problems! More about what we can do for you..

Gaming PC Repair ServiceWe Build, Upgrade, Repair, Optimise, Overclock and Service Gaming Computers

Highly Skilled Gaming PC Maintenance Professionals in London: Computer Doctor is highly skilled in repair, servicing, optimising, over-clocking, maintenance, upgrading and troubleshooting all types of gaming PCs and gaming laptops. We can securely and safely collect, repair and return your expensive gaming computer from any location in London. More about GAMING PC REPAIRGAMING LAPTOP REPAIRBUILD YOUR GAMING PCUPGRADE YOUR GAMING COMPUTER.

Hard Drive RecoveryData Recovery -Recover Your Lost Data From A Faulty Hard Drive

No data backup or last project not backed up? It is extremely frustrating to find out that as a result of a disk failure, you have lost data which is critical business or private data. Using our data recovery team in our Data Recovery Lab, Computer Doctor can provide its London clients with specialist and cost effective data recovery services from crashed desktop and laptop computer hard disks, external hard drives, RAID arrays, servers, NAS disks, Solid State Disks (SSDs) memory cards, USB memory sticks and other digital storage media.

More about our hard drive recovery service…

Wireless Network Solutions

Business & Personal Wireless Network Setup & Installation

Wireless networks are now part of everyday life everywhere. They particularly useful where cabling is not possible. Computer Doctor specialises in the installation, integration, securing and troubleshooting of wireless networks for your business or digital home. We are able to provide wireless network solutions for new and old buildings in public, private and business spaces. More about wireless network installation..

Cloud Computing: Extend your computing power by having computers in the cloud

Cloud Computing Solutions

Safe and secure cloud computing for small and medium businesses means you can have your applications such as Office 365 including Word, Excel, presentations, emails, calendars, backups, databases in a secure data centre in the UK giving you maximum security, resilience, scalability and power. Your existing IT system can be enhanced, extended and secured by cloud computing and turned into a powerful hybrid computing environment. Computer Doctor has partnered with some of the most important cloud computing providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Computing Cloud Platform and Rackspace to provide you with a tailor-made IT cloud solution enabling you to gain an unfair advantage over competition.

Secure Computing IT Solutions

Secure computing for your business on-premises and off-premises

In all our IT solutions be it on-premises or off-premises ( i.e cloud computing), IT security is of utmost importance and consideration. Computer Doctor takes security in all information technology solutions very seriously by default. This is to ensure that all your business data transactions are safe and secure at all times. As an IT security provider we make no compromises or cut any corners specially at a time when security breaches and hacks are reported widely in the media on a regular basis. Database security, network security, user data security, wireless security and applying a security policy on a technical and user level in your organisation are all part of the overall IT solutions we will offer our business customers. We Keep IT Simple and Secure. Period.

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