We Can Service or Repair Your Gaming PC with Professionalism and Skill

Gaming PC Repair Service

Professional Gaming PC Repair Service

Computer Doctor is among the very few companies with vast experience in building, repairing and servicing all types of gaming PCs running the most demanding CPU, GPU and memory hungry games true gamers have ever known. We specialise in repair, servicing and troubleshooting brand or custom-built gaming PCs costing from £1,000-£15,000. Any problems with the CPU, GPU or chipset water or oil cooling systems, fans and cooling pumps or tanks.

Gaming Computer Repair and Services For All Those Computer Game Enthusiasts Who Care For The Maintenance of their Super Gaming PC

Gaming PC Repair Service

We service, optimise upgrade and overclock gaming computers

We are masters in repairing and serving the most challenging problems including troubleshooting, optimising, overclocking, upgrading and servicing your Dell XPS, Alienware, CyberPower, Digital Storm, Cerberus XXX, WRAITH VORTEX or custom-built gaming computer.

Bring Your Gaming PC To Our Workshop Or We Can Collect & Return it in London

To have your gaming PC repaired, serviced, optimised or overclocked, you can either bring your gaming computer to our worshop. If you cannot bring it to us yourself, we will be happy to collect and return your gaming PC safely and securely to and from any London address.

If you want to upgrade or build your gaming PC or laptop,  you need to visit either Gaming Computer Upgrades  for upgrades or Build Your Gaming PC  for building your dream gaming computer.

Computer Doctor Can Repair or Service Your Gaming PC Fast. Just Call 0207 516 1077 and speak to a gaming PC specialist.