Computer-Doctor-Office-365-SolutionsMicrosoft Office 365 Solutions for Small Business: Office Anywhere, Any-time Access:

Office 365 is nothing but an enhanced version of the reliable Microsoft Office. The differentiating factor is the Office 365 gives you the added flexibility of cloud computing. It enables you to have a virtual office in the cloud. This means that you can now carry your work along with your files, applications and even your desktop with you wherever you go. You can access data across multiple devices including your smart phones and tablets. It also allows you to access and edit files, so that you can work on the go.

Cost-Effective Cloud Computing + High Availability of Resources For Small Businesses

A Full Microsoft Office Suite including Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Publisher will cost you around £250 per computer. As a small business, if you have 4 computers, you have to spend at lease £1000 to license all your computers for Microsoft Office. This is not only a huge cost for a small business, but also the added problem that you are locked into ONE computer. If you want to access your documents or write a business email or update a calendar at home using your laptop or tablet at home, you must install Microsoft Office and configure it in every device with no synchronisation of your data, emails, contacts or calendar. In contrast, Microsoft Office 365 will only cost you around £6 per user per month and you can use the entire Microsoft Office Suite on any computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone with all your calendar appointments, emails, events, notes, documents, presentations synchronised at all times no matter which device you are using. This is just revolutionary all-inclusive solution in terms of cost, availability and usability. Another benefit of using Office 365 is that it is platform neutral and you can use it on a Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, Linux, Galaxy Note or any phablet or smart phone.

With Office 365 you can sync your calendars, schedule your meetings and access your contacts from anywhere. The cloud ensures that you have a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Whenever you need to access important documents, add feedback, edit and mail them, the Office 365 will make it possible. The easy sharing of data minimizes coordination glitches and optimizes business efficiency across multiple locations and platforms.

As a Microsoft Certified Partner Company, Computer Doctor will be able to set up, maintain, support Office 365 to ensure that you have smooth business experience.

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