Data Recovery Process, From Start to Finish:

A to Z of Data Recovery

How data recovery process works

1) HDD Fault Diagnosis & FREE Quotation:
As soon as we receive the hard drive, our lab diagnostic analysis will determine the underlying failure. This will involve removing a hard drive from it’s enclosure or from the computer, visually inspecting the hard drive and the PCB and powering up the hard disk in safe mode without spinning it and inspecting the SMART log. Based on the nature of the fault and complexity of the data recovery process, the cost of data recovery is determined and a FREE quotation is emailed to the client for approval.

2) Repair and revive hard drive temporarily:
After the customer approval, various steps may be required to repair revive the drive temporarily so that it is accessible on a base-level by our advanced data recovery hardware tools. This includes locating donor hard disk parts in our extensive HDD donor library, repairing hard disk firmware modules and replacing and testing bad components on the electronic circuit board (PCB) if required.

3) Pre-configuration of the HDD & Hard Drive Imaging:
We will take various steps to minimize risk to the repaired hard disk as a newly repaired hard disk is very fragile and can fail at any moment. Therefore special care must be taken to ensure to keep the disk alive so that all the heads of the hard drive are mapped while disabling advanced (and often problematic) features of the hard drive. This will prepare the disk for cloning and imaging it to a new healthy hard drive. This process may take several hours, or even days, depending on the problem and size of the hard drive.

4) Checking the Integrity of the Recovered Data:
The a very important final step as all the recovered data must be verified to ensure they are working properly and thus the quality of the data is assured. At this stage, a file listing of recovered data will be created and emailed to the customer.

5) Payment and Delivery of Recovered Data:
If the customer is happy after examining the file listing of the recovered data, the invoice for the data recovery is emailed to client for payment. As soon as payment reaches us, we will dispatch the recovered data to the client FREE of charge or it can be collected from our workshop in London.

You can either send your hard drive using this form or arrange for a FREE collection (use this form) or simply bring your hard drive for a FREE inspection and a quote (see  address and directions). If you need to discuss your hard drive recovery case with a technician, call 0207 516 1077.